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About Our Ragdoll Cats 

The Ragdoll cat is a gorgeous Semi-long haired cat with a color point coat and striking blue eyes. Their hair coat is known for being soft and silky and some even call it a "bunny coat". These cats are known for being large and muscular. Their temperament is docile, playful but also lazy and very friendly. 

        Here are pictures of our beautiful Ragdoll cats! We got out Ragdoll Cats in 2018 and absolutely love them.



We first got Gemma. Gemma is a Torti Ragdoll.  She looks mostly Seal Point. She is as sweet as can be with a soft quiet meow. Gemma loves to be pet and scratched under the chin. She will hide in our house but always come out from hiding when her name is called. 

Our Tom Cat: 

Stanley is our tom. He is absolutely stunning and just jaw dropping to look at. Stanley is a Blue Bi-Color Ragdoll cat. His beautiful blue eyes will have you staring at him for hours. Stanley loves to roll over on his back and meow for pets. He also loves a good chin stroke until his big paws come out to bat your hands and beg to play. He is as docile as they come and wouldn't hurt a fly! 


Fern is our newest Ragdoll. 

Here she is lounging around the living room with Stanely! 

Meet Lindsay and Tim 


Our rag doll cats our considered our family! We love them to pieces. They roam the house free, sleep in our beds and yup eat on the counter tops. :) 



              In the Sunny town of Boca Raton Florida


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